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About Us

About Us

Welcome to HomeShopa.com

Our products are carefully selected and specially sourced to offer you excellent value for everyday home essentials. With our online store your home shopping is now easier than ever with fast and reliable delivery to your door in just a few clicks.

We all love our homes to be nice and clean so there’s nothing like having the best cleaning cloths and sponges for wiping down the dirt and grime from all those different surfaces. Here you can find a wide range of diverse types that will meet all your requirements for different jobs.

You can also choose from an even greater variety of products to help such as mops, brooms, gloves, brushes and buckets which complement your cleaning to give those lovely homes that extra sparkle.

The kitchen is the heart of the home where we prepare, cook and store our food. Cooking brings the need for essential aids such as aluminium trays, rolls, baking paper, roasting bags and cling film. Have a look at our fantastic range of different airtight clip lock containers to keep your food fresher for longer.

The busy lifestyles that many of us live today mean we are always on the go and this can be made easier with our microwave cookware selection which provides plastic and foil containers to cook and store.

When it comes to picnics, parties and gatherings, most of us prefer plates, cutlery, glasses and cups which are easily disposable instead of having the chore of washing up. See what we stock to make your occasions more enjoyable.

Whilst doing the laundry we all need the basics and here we offer a great range of different pegs, laundry baskets, wash bags, clothes lines and hangers to help complete those everyday tasks.

If you look around you will see there’s a baby boom and we all know the little treasures need regular feeding which is why we provide so many different baby care lines to cater for your daily needs.

Our mission is to make your online shopping experience secure, convenient, low-cost, fun and most importantly to give an excellent, friendly and reliable service to all our customers. We hope you enjoy your time browsing and being a homeshopa.

Feel free to leave feedback and please use our contact form if you have any questions, suggestions for improvement, problems, or comments! Please do not hesitate to provide us with your views.